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The Citrus Seeds Angel Angels creates an opportunity to bring together first-time and experienced angel investors to invest as a group. Citrus Seeds connects investors to high-quality, vetted local entrepreneurs and allows individuals to start building a portfolio of startup investments.

The Citrus Seeds Angel Group

Riverside – a Growing hub for innovation & entrepreneurship

The Riverside Angel Summit serves as a way for the City of Riverside and the Inland Empire to build a strong connection with investors and mentors alike. Our goal is to build a successful entrepreneur ecosystem, and we know that motivated investors and mentors are an essential piece of that puzzle.


In the country for minority entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur 2017


Out of 30 cities where small business owners thrive

MSN Money 2018


Out of 20 cities where small business owners thrive

GoBanking Rates 2019

Top 50

Surge Cities

Inc. Magazine 2020

Strengthening the
Pipeline of Opportunities

We are raising essential capital and fueling the growth of innovation and job opportunities in Riverside and larger Inland Empire region.


Projects/Companies Supported


Companies in Incubators


Capital Raised

Note: Most if not all the funds have been raised outside Riverside.


Being Raised for 11 Start-Ups


Jobs Supported

Note: Most if not all the funds have been raised outside Riverside.

A Glimpse Of Riverside’s Regional Innovators

FarmSense has developed a real-time, cloud-based platform which counts and classifies insect pests in the field enabling optimization of pest interventions and reducing crop losses and the costs associated with pesticide use.

Globe Biomedical is developing novel hardware and mobile app technologies for a number of applications including medical diagnostics, government, and military systems.

Blue uses cutting-edge technology to reinvent the business card. The Blue Smart Card allows you to instantly share your social information with just one tap.


Relay connects truck drivers and carriers On-Demand to create a more efficient and accessible trucking industry. This startup generated $1.2 million in revenue in 2020 and is experiencing a run rate of $170,000 per month in 2021; targeting $6 Million for this year. Relay has raised $495,000 in seed capital on the equity crowdfunding platform Republic.

Basilard is developing a nanomechanical gene insertion device for use in the manufacture of CAR T cancer immunotherapy and other gene therapies. The founders have raised $1.75 Million in venture capital to date in 2021.

Sensorygen discovers natural, small molecules that modify smell and taste behavior. Areas of applications are mosquito and insect repellents for people and crops along with sweetener enhancement. Founders have raised $1.5 Million in capital to date.

2023 New Companies

Apsidal focuses on research and development in novel photonics and quantum information technologies.

StarNAV LLC implements leading edge technologies that enable accurate and reliable position, navigation, and timing systems for government and private sectors.

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