WORKSHOP VIII: “Angel Returns & Portfolio Strategy: What Entrepreneurs Should Know”

Thursday, September 30
11:30 AM – 1:30 PM (Workshops VII & VIII occur as part of the same Sep 30 event)


Peter Lee, Managing Partner, Embark Ventures, Santa Monica, CA

Krisztina ‘Z’ Holly, Venture Partner, Good Growth Capital, Los Angeles, CA

Michael Tam, Partner, Craft Ventures, Los Angeles, CA

About The Workshop

How do angel investors decide if an idea or innovation is worth investing? Three venture capitalists will discuss the qualities that they seek in founders, key factors that they base their decisions on, how they decide on what to invest from a myriad of opportunities, and what they look for in startups before investing. This is a chance for entrepreneurs competing for Riverside Angel Summit seed funding to learn how to not only think like an entrepreneur, but as an investor. In this interactive “Learn-the-Investor’s Perspective” meeting, seed fund candidates will discover how Citrus Seeds LLC angels and venture capitalists filter a large volume of overtures, the stages of filtering, and the leading criteria they use to make ultimate investment decisions.  

Note: Workshops VII & VIII occur as part of the same September 30 event. You only need to register once.

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