WORKSHOP VI: “Pitch Essentials Recap & Practice Pitches II (Quarterfinalists)

September 29 - 30
11:30 AM – 1:30 PM (Entrepreneurs may register for either Sep 29 or Sep 30)


Scott Brovsky, Director, UCR’s EPIC Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

Martin Kleckner, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, U C Riverside Office of Technology Partnerships

Riverside Angel Summit Investors and Technology Partnership Business Advisors

About The Workshop

This second practice pitch workshop is an opportunity for Summit applicants chosen as Quarterfinalists to further hone their 3-minute pitches in front of experienced C-level executives, experienced successful start-up founders, and Summit angel investors. We begin with a recap review of the essential lessons learned from Workshops I & II. Then each registered entrepreneur attending may give a three-minute pitch for deconstructive feedback, questions, and counsel on ways they may improve their message and delivery. This is a valuable opportunity for quarterfinalists to meet with Summit angel investors, refine their understanding of investor criteria, and pitch to them for their reactions, criticisms, and advice. 

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