WORKSHOP I: “Alternative Funding Options”

Thursday, September 16
11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Registration Required


Shrina Kurani, Vice President, Business, Republic Venture Group

Ross Epstein, Legal Advisor, Intelink Law Group, PC San Diego, CA

Hilda Kennedy, President, AmPac Tri-State CDC, Inc.


Scott Brovsky, Director, UCR’s EPIC Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

Martin Kleckner, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, U C Riverside Office of Technology Partnerships

About The Workshop

There are options beyond traditional funding methods that may be applicable for certain startups. This workshop will cover alternative funding options for startups including SBA loans; crowdfunding; self-funding, family and/or friends; grants, cash advances, and accounts receivable factoring (aka invoice factoring) and other avenues in relation to equity-based seed capitalization. Founder attendees will discuss the pros and cons of these options and gain an understanding of which may be a viable opportunity for them. They will learn the structure and process for pursuing each. Included will be the legal structure of crowdfunding as it pertains to SEC regulations, how it works, key elements and process, plus how to structure a crowdfunding campaign. Further, instructors will discuss the value of crowdfunding (Is it worth it?” “What are the true pros and cons of crowdfunding?”) and present recent case studies of startups using this option.

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