WORKSHOP V: “Go-to-Market, Customer Discovery”

Tuesday, September 28
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM


Dr. Jay Gilberg, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Lead INNOVAR I-Corps Instructor, U C Riverside Office of Technology Partnerships

Stephen Sharp, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, INNOVAR I-Corps Instructor & Mentor, U C Riverside Office of Technology Partnerships

About The Workshop

Successful entrepreneurs must convince their angel investors that they possess a sound go-to-market strategy. This requires a comprehensive understanding of who their target customers are, what drives target audience buy-in behaviors and how they make their decisions.  Learn from two senior executives who turned into successful entrepreneurs and experienced National Science Foundation Innovation Corps (“I-Corps”) instructors and advisors. Discover their essential roadmap to generating an effective, credible, and fund-worthy business model. Find out how to develop a comprehensive go-to-market (GTM) action plan that delineates an approach to attract, win, retain, and grow new customers, enter new markets, increase market share, and achieve targeted sales goals, revenue, and cash flow. Find out how to avoid weak or poorly executed product launches, establish a strong brand, create a competitive advantage, and manage its growth. Learn how to discover these answers by meeting with your customer prior to product development and launch. Your angel investors will want to know your business model, how you developed it, and the traction that you have gained with it. This valuable workshop will guide you to those answers.

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