WORKSHOP X: Capitalization, Planning and Term Sheets

Monday, October 4
11:30 AM – 1:30 PM (Workshops IX, X, XI & XII all occur as part of the same Oct 4 event)


Matthew Bresnahan, Partner, Patents and Innovations, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, San Diego, Los Angeles

Steven M. Dunst, Associate, Emerging Companies and Venture Capital Practices, Cooley LLP, Santa Monica, CA

David Ehrenberg, Founder, Early Growth Financial Services, Silicon Valley & New York

Sean Varner, Managing Partner, Varner & Brandt LLP, Riverside & Ontario, CA

About The Workshop

In this “deep dive”, workshop, participants will gain unparalleled insights on equity plan design, performance, and management to help them make optimal strategic decisions for growing their venture.  They will ascertain what and why “Cap Tables” or capitalization tables are a critical term to understand for any startup founder or aspiring founder. Four highly experienced instructors will discuss what is a cap table, why founders need one, what it should look like, and how it should perform. They will provide an intricate breakdown of share values, holders, and projections plus how cap tables include specifics of a company’s equity ownership capital such as common and preferred equity shares, warrants, options, and any convertible equity. They will learn about ownership tracking, preparing for potential audits, plus the cap table’s iuse for fundraising, and how it should be built and managed. Attendees will further gain an understanding on capitalization planning and how term sheets should be structured. They will be provided an overview of the common and most important specifics of a venture capital term sheet. Instructors will discuss how entrepreneurs should read and understand it,  some of the pitfalls a startup may encounter when it comes to “binding” vs. “non-binding” provisions, plus how it pertains to the valuation of the startup.

Note: Workshops IX, X, XI & XII all occur as part of the same October 4 event. You only need to register once.

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