WORKSHOP XIII: Due Diligence Essentials Roadmap: Finalist Deep Dive (Finalists)

Monday, October 25
11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

About The Workshop

The final workshop will encompass a meeting among the finalists and investors.

The purpose of the meeting will be a discussion of the due diligence related to the financing of each company wherein the investors will request materials and the content therein concerning each finalist’s corporate records, charter documents and securities; material agreements; business plan and financials; intellectual property; information regarding disputes and potential litigation; and employees and employee benefits.

The structure of this meeting will be interactive where investors will delineate required information and data in aggregate and further material per finalist. Instructors will present an overview and templates discussing the aims and content of due diligence, including three basic phases of due diligence: goals and priorities for the due diligence process; relevant information to be collected from each finalist being investigated, including business documents, financial statements, personal interviews and more. Finally, we will discuss planned due diligence results wherein the findings of the finalist investigations will be presented plus a determination of the investor on the value and risk of each finalist (individually).

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